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History of the Barbers   Barbers have their root origins as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians were well-known for their personal grooming, from makeup to hair care. In their time, barbers and groomers were among the most well-respected of society. The Ancient Greeks also regarded barbers as men of high society. Men wore their hair cropped and beards long and perfectly styled. Barbers were in high demand, and the profession became a popular one. Fast forward to the Middle Ages. Barbers were not only tasked with hair and grooming; they also performed dental extractions and minor surgeries. At the time, clergymen were the only people authorized for major surgery, and when they became overloaded with patients, they trained barbers to perform surgery. It’s hard to imagine going to a barber shop to have your appendix removed, but barbers were the only other people familiar enough with surgical […]

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Some of the best barbers in the world use clippers to do fades. They will either use a metal clipper guard or they will use the freehand method by using the clipper over comb technique. Clipper over comb is the preferred way because it is more precise and will not pick up the under lying head shape.Using the clipper over comb technique allows the barbers to create the desired shape and also encourages the  hair to grow out nicely and last as long as possible. When visible lines in a fade are present it is caused by a barbers who works from the bottom of the head to the top. This is what is referred to as “chasing the line.” In actuality, the barbers ends up moving the fade line up the head. At Nic Grooming, the barbers do their fades the old school way. They start from the top and […]